Butter chicken at your neighborhood takeout

Website design By BotEap.comWhen it comes to food to savor, people may suggest you popular places, well-known names in the food industry like McDonalds or Pizza Hut which are international brands or things like Karims in Delhi for Mughlai and non-veg dishes to soothe your palate. . However, you may easily forget your neighborhood restaurant which may have low local popularity but sometimes you can discover the great dining experience such restaurants can offer you.

Website design By BotEap.comOne of those restaurants that I didn’t exactly discover but had a chance to find because I said I might as well try it out because it’s walking distance and I wasn’t exactly in the mood to go far. However, this turned out to be a unique experience. The closest place for Mughlai food that I can go to is Moti Mahal at a distance of five kilometers. This is a stone’s throw away. The restaurant is called Rasoi Se, which translates to “From your kitchen.” It has minimal furniture to accommodate just five or six people. It’s also a clean place by your neighborhood standards. Most of us who live in the Indirapuram area of ​​Ghaziabad may not even be aware of this restaurant located in the Shipra Riveira Tower, however, those like me who had the opportunity to visit the place once will return again and again. time like me

Website design By BotEap.comIf you happen to be the parent of two cute little girls like me who are hooked on butter chicken, you’ll be forced to order it almost every other day. Part of the reason is that I like this dish too much to resist. Kids love it because it has a tantalizingly sweet taste that compels you to clean your plate, yet leaves you feeling unsatisfied.

Website design By BotEap.comEven though Rasoi Se has over two dozen items on their menu including Mughlai and Chinese I ended up ordering Butter Chicken nine times out of ten because on a few occasions I ordered Karahi Chicken or Afghani Chicken or mutton korma my kids said I don’t want anything other than butter chicken next time. However, I also enjoy it with other dishes.

Website design By BotEap.comCompared to other places I would rate it higher for its combination of price and quality. A full plate of butter chicken costs 225 rupees (US$4-5). In other places the price would be fifty percent more. However, in my own experience, only Moti Mahal marginally beats them in quality, but their price is about twice as high. But they are way ahead in the quality of their stuff compared to other similar neighborhood restaurants.

Website design By BotEap.comRasoi Se’s owner is a young man in his seventies. Young man? Vijay Kumar Sinha, the owner of Rasoi Se is a retired government official, but he leads his pack of boys busy with culinary chores from early morning until midnight. He can be found always active running and supervising his only passion after retirement, so he will hardly notice his age: early 70’s. He wanted to extract the secret from him to make the dishes so tasty. He didn’t divulge the secret, but said he takes a personal interest in everything from purchasing raw materials to final preparation and serving his customers. He tastes every item that is prepared and nothing can be served to his customers unless he approves. This is probably his secret, but I insisted that he reveal the ingredients…the recipe…some combination or secret formula. He deflected my question with a smile.

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