Website design By BotEap.comMany people have sat in front of the television late at night and were almost mesmerized by the Beachbody® infomercials. You know those infomercials where you see real people who got on a video exercise program and lost weight. One might wonder if the results are true. If a person can really lose that much weight by exercising at home and without using any pills or surgery.

Website design By BotEap.comThe infomercials are compelling and you really get stuck saying to yourself: should I buy this? Can this work for me?

Website design By BotEap.comI went one step further and purchased the Turbo Jam® home video program. Here’s what I’ve found so far: I enjoy workouts and time flies by when I exercise. I break out in a more pleasant sweat than when I was on the treadmill for an hour or more. I like the variety of exercises. Since I am not a natural dancer, it took me several times before I could go through the routines as I used to go left when everyone on my TV went right. Many people posting online reviews said the same thing about having trouble keeping up with the dance portion of Turbo Jam® routines. Some critics said that the music in training bothered them. I did not find it like that.

Website design By BotEap.comOne point that I find very inspiring is the fact that two of the Turbo Jam® are women who lost weight on the program. I’m especially inspired by Ana-Rita, who lost over 70 pounds with the program. I want to be like here! Watching her move (and she’s actually moving), breaks all my misconceptions I had about belly fat that was hard to lose after 40 and fat cells shrink but never go away. His body is really torn.

Website design By BotEap.comI also really like Chalene Johnson’s style. She is fun and very encouraging. You can hear her throughout training saying things like, “Come on Baby Doll” or “Just have fun.” Now that we know the show is fun, we can see its effects. Does your body really change? The answer is a resounding yes. Your abs get more defined and your legs get toned as you go through the routines. I only started using Turbo Jam® a couple of days ago and I can feel a difference in my body and I lost 5 pounds. I have some reservations about the fast start, losing 10 pounds in 10 gig days. The truth is that since you are hardly eating, it is true that your scale could say that you weigh 10 pounds less but in reality it is more because you are empty. The truth must be that you lost weight but not that much.

Website design By BotEap.comAnother comment I saw on the forums about Turbo Jam® is that men don’t find it entirely suited for them. When the song “ladies” comes along, some said they felt left out and I can understand. Also, not all men like to dance. I also have the impression from the men in the videos that they don’t quite fit in, but again the management wanted to include men and that’s a good thing. I know from all the forums that I have verified that the men who used Tony Horton’s Power 90X® are truly satisfied and toned their body beyond their wildest dreams.

Website design By BotEap.comHowever, one problem that happens all too often is that workouts (whatever you have) don’t work if left in boxes. A large percentage of people who buy those home workout videos never use them and that’s sad because once you commit to your success, it happens.

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