Creative Marketing Ideas for Electronics Stores

Website design By BotEap.comIn today’s technology-driven society, electronics stores don’t always have to do a lot of marketing. There are enough “techies,” or geeks, to keep these stores in business, not to mention that technology is constantly changing and new products are being released frequently. However, every business has a slow season or two, so if you’re looking for ideas to increase your electronics store sales, you’ve come to the right place.

  1. New product launches-Electronics naturally generate excitement and anticipation, so turn a new product launch into a full-fledged “launch party.” Like a midnight screening of a highly anticipated movie, new product launches will ensure your store is packed. Offer a giveaway for one of the free products, or even a coupon to the first X number of customers. Promote this event heavily, with signs and banners around your store stating the date of the party and the name of the product.
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  3. Technical support-Many of your customers love your products, but they may not know how they work, which is why they come to you. Your employees, however, are very knowledgeable and can be a great resource to your customers. Offer technical support services, whether it manifests as in-store assistance or in-home setup and repair. These services make your business more of a one-stop shop, which keeps customers coming back to you. Create a section of your store for service and support, and clearly define it using vinyl decals or a large banner so customers who need help know exactly where to go.
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  5. Christmas presents-Electronics are always top sellers during the holidays, so create promotions that draw customers to you for the perfect Christmas gift. Host raffles for this season’s best-selling product, or even discounts based on the amount of money spent at the store. The idea is to do whatever it takes to get customers to your store and not your competitors’.
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  7. electronic marketing-Your tech-savvy customers will respond better to electronic marketing methods than, say, direct mail or a billboard. Use email marketing, SMS marketing, and social media to reach your customers directly. Don’t spam them or you’ll get on their bad side, but connect enough that they want to come to your store to see what’s new.
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  9. membership cards-Offer customers the opportunity to sign up for a membership program. This allows them to collect their information for marketing purposes, and in return they receive a card that they can use to get special discounts. By swiping their card, they can receive discounts immediately, or they can accumulate points that can eventually be redeemed for discounts to use in the store, it’s up to you!

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