Homemade bath salts: the “secret ingredient” for success

Website design By BotEap.comHomemade bath salts are easy to make, but they look like a gift bought at an exclusive spa. You’ve probably seen bath salts in pretty colors and scents at bath and body stores for prices as high as $15.99 per bottle. What you probably didn’t know is that the profit margin on this product can be up to 600%. Oh! This means that the raw ingredients to make them cost only about $2.28. I refuse to pay this ridiculous premium for these bath products, and you should too as they are so easy to make. How simple are they to make? So simple that a child could easily make them! But you should know that there is a “secret ingredient” that will greatly improve your finished product’s ability to retain its aroma, prevent caking, and increase its shelf life.

Website design By BotEap.comThe one ingredient you may have trouble finding in your homemade bath salts is dendritic salt, and bingo: it’s the secret ingredient! All of the other ingredients to create homemade bath salts can be easily found at your local pharmacies and supermarkets. Dendritic salt is added to help bath salts better hold their fragrance, as well as reduce caking sometimes seen with salts. Dendritic salt is a man-made product. It is made by adding a very small amount of yellow prusate to sodium chloride. This causes the sodium chloride crystals to grow in a star shape, giving the dendritic salt a larger surface area. In turn, the larger surface area of ​​the crystals allows the salt to adhere to the fragrance molecules better than regular salt crystals.

Website design By BotEap.comAlthough dendritic salt is an optional ingredient in homemade bath salts, it is recommended if you use essential oils in your bath salts. Essential oils can and do turn rancid when exposed to the magnesium in Epsom and sea salts. Adding dendritic salt to your recipe can add a longer (and much better smelling) shelf life to your bath salts. If you can’t find dendritic salt on your local store shelves, there are several online vendors that sell it, and they’re not terribly expensive. An online vendor sells them for $3.36 for 5 pounds. container. In addition to keeping your essential oils from going rancid quickly, adding dendritic salt to your bath salt recipe reduces caking sometimes seen with salts.

Website design By BotEap.comNow that you know the “secret ingredient” for creating homemade bath salts, here are the other ingredients that turn a simple bath into a true retreat. The other ingredients you’ll need are glycerin, Epsom and/or sea salts, baking soda, essential or fragrance oils, food coloring, and a little vegetable oil of your choice. That is all! Simply mix these ingredients together and place in a pretty bottle to make an easy, colorful and thoughtful gift for family and friends that’s kind to your wallet and the environment, too. Even mason jars with lids make great containers for your finished product when you tie them up with a pretty bow.

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