Education Marketing 101: The K-12 Buying Cycle for Instructional Materials

Website design By Website design By BotEap.comMany industries experience seasonal sales cycles, some more dramatic than others. What patterns are seen by companies selling educational products to K-12 schools? Rest assured, products used for teaching and learning are purchased every month, but you can expect big ups and downs throughout the year. In this article, I’ll […]

Google traffic research tactics in affiliate marketing

Website design By Website design By BotEap.comWe all know that commenting, and especially e-book and article writing, are among the absolute favorites among successful affiliate marketers, blogs bar none. Attracting visitors is one thing, but getting those visitors to actually convert is quite another exercise. The problem is that many newbies comment and post on sites […]

Today’s 3D Browser Wars: The Battle for Control of the New Internet and Much, Much More

Website design By Website design By BotEap.comIt’s 1994 all over again, but this time the stakes are higher. A new battle for the development, acceptance, and control of information delivery is underway in Silicon Valley and around the world. Numerous companies, most of which you have never heard of before, are racing to develop and implement […]