Spanish Colonial Eclectic Design

Website design By BotEap.comAn old colonial house with refined taste and a touch of laid-back vintage charm. The combination of old rustic patinated doors and fresh clean lines, a blend of vintage and modern, results in an exceptionally curated home that is stunningly eclectic and beautiful.

Website design By BotEap.comRenovating an old Spanish house from 19020 completely from the inside out, but keeping every original detail so that the character of the house remains unchanged, was my husband’s dream. Updating the kitchen and bathrooms and all the wiring and plumbing, but keeping the original hardwood floors and making it functional for our needs, is a challenge my husband took on. We opened the spaces, knocking down walls that were not needed, making the living room the focus of the house. Adding texture and stucco and several coats of finishes took almost a year to get the look we were going for. The 200 year old Indian gates were used as garden gates, their arched shape and fantastic medieval design contrasting with the rustic look of the house. We kept all the original tiles, along with the arches that are the highlight of Spanish architecture. The doors had to be replaced so we ordered custom door panels from India with beautiful carvings, each bedroom had a unique opening giving the house a stunning design statement. The bedroom headboard was created using old Indian doors and the carved nightstands with pops of color provided the perfect eclectic design element.

Website design By BotEap.comRustic cabinets in the kitchen sit amicably alongside Spanish-style architecture, all against eggshell-white walls. A huge dining table, custom built with antique doors, gives the farmhouse a rustic and eclectic feel, perfect for family dinners. Natural light plays on the old wood patinas through the large open windows and archways, flooding almost every room with its energy. Rustic vintage coffee tables and oxcart benches complement the cool modern steel appliances and bring a clean feel to the space.

Website design By BotEap.comAt the entrance with its old brick tiles stands a damchiya, a colorful old Indian chest with mirrors that welcomes guests with its energy. A bouquet of dried flowers rests on the chest, and next to it is a huge floor mirror made from an antique arch. Carved floral and paisley accents blend perfectly with the eclectic Spanish style. The charm of a restored Spanish house from the 1920s and decorated with vintage furniture and architecture is the gift that my husband gave us!!

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