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Website design By BotEap.comHew Hampshire Car Wash Market. Well, we have visited every city in New Hampshire with a population of over 10,000 at least twice, the largest four and five times talking to many people in various industries. Landscapers, Masons, HVAC, Plumbers, Car Dealers, Professionals, Politicians, Lumber Politicians, Chamber of Commerce Staff, Economic Development folks, and just plain nice people on the street. Including skaters; hockey and soccer moms; Canadian tourists and the latter visit the mourners of the Old Man of the Mountain who died in vain after a harsh winter of snow and rain. The ceremonies were good and respectful to our fallen knight. But the world keeps moving forward and with more places to go and people to meet, including an in-depth look at what makes Nashua tick. One of the major populated cities in NH and there aren’t many of them. The Total Population is approximately 1,272,600.

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Website design By BotEap.comNashua is growing unlike other areas of the states further north that are losing population base; According to the Tigre Archives associated with the last Census. We are seeing more Canadian tourism as the dollar has fallen a bit against its currency. A little better than 2/3 as was the previous known standard that people assumed. Tourism has finally picked up a bit now and mainly because it’s an easy drive to NY, NJ to get out of the heat. Winter was a bummer as most admit, but now it’s lively. The weather in Nashua is not as bad as you might think. December through February are a bit rough, but November and March, on the other side of the cold spell, are very doable, with typical three-day storms, storm duplication issues or six-day cold snaps are common in November . until March and occasionally in October and also in April. It was a long winter this year and the worst in six years, but not horrible. Not very conducive to car washes and mobile detailing and in the tough economy not attractive but doable nonetheless better than some industries as things have been tough. Fortunately, the increase in population has helped. Manufacturing has taken a bit of a hit like all manufacturing jobs in the US though NH likes to think of this as their secret strength well we’ll give them that true but in the long run that could be dangerous after touring the shuttered mills across the border in Maine, things weren’t so good, and hopefully their past isn’t an indication of NH’s possible future. We see the city of Nashua as a different kind of town although surely Manufacturing

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Website design By BotEap.comis a factor too. Since 1990, most of NH has seen strong growth in high-tech manufacturing, while the other New England states have seen net losses. But today that incredible advantage could turn out to be a disadvantage. Across NH there was a 4-5% decline in manufacturing which hurt as well as in Vermont which competes for the same manufacturing jobs in low tech but not as much in high tech. Burlington, VT has also been through a tough time, but even with retail and services having picked up in NH and VT and both having universities doing research and development, they have been able to find new locations for graduates willing to stay in the state. and work. Those have been well-paying jobs. 17% of all jobs in NH until the beginning of the year have been in manufacturing. Nashua isn’t as heavy on manufacturing as neighboring big cities and probably won’t suffer the same fate as cities like Bangor Maine, because it’s close to other big cities, including Boston, where things cost more due to higher costs of living and salaries there. . It’s a good compromise for those who need to get out of the big city to compete on cost. The through-town toll road does not hurt Nashua for trade with partner city Manchester, NH because there is a short distance and the fees are small and two other routes, which are easy to travel. No charge to drive to Boston and therefore trade with Boston is good.

Website design By BotEap.comNashua and the Governor of NH have been working very hard to attract technology companies to NH for many years. It’s worked out well, but now the layoffs have been hurting things a bit more than anticipated. We’ve seen a lot of top-tier companies come play in the area here. Like EDS, Digital Equipment, Raytheon, all of which had a lot of layoffs. What was happening in the city was the move into services and retail to cater to these rising young professionals. But the layoffs weren’t pretty; but Nashua has seen it before after all the mills died. In the 1600s, the colonial town made hay due to its close proximity to Boston, at which time our family in the Silversmith business often traded with the Nashua population. The biggest growth in the city was between 1960 and 1980 before the tech bubble, a lot of growth.

Website design By BotEap.comThe commercial sector and the upgraded downtown project call it “Destination Downtown”. has captured the essence of a destination point, every weekend Harley Riders from suburban Boston drive to Nashua, hang out and spend money. This has been very successful with travellers, locals and tourists alike and is the answer to fixing these small town areas where urban flying can destroy all hope. Check it out, it’s great;

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Website design By BotEap.comThen there are the annual events that attract more people. Additionally, housing and construction are alive and well, as Nashua continues to rank highly for good schools, friendly people, lower taxes, and a truly great place to live. This means that it is also a good place to clean cars. Just across the border in Mass, there’s Hudson, and it’s also seeing strong growth in the middle class. With Tech slowing down, what’s the next NH game for jobs and boom? Well, he’s trying to reinvent himself again. And if any state can, it would be the tenacious people of NH, is biotech the next power play? It could be that the labor market is less expensive for companies and students are available in bulk, cheap and plentiful.

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Website design By BotEap.comThere’s a little bit of everything in NH, so why not Bio-Tech? After all, next to Boston fits well. There are also a few car washes in the area and they are well received and prosperous, showing that the market there is strong. The Gentle Touch Car Wash has two locations, both of which are busy every time we’ve been. We saw several other car washes but really liked the soft touch and so did the customers. Lucky Duck Car Wash is good too. There is also a very nice detail shop that was pretty good.

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Website design By BotEap.comThey also own body shops and have a good customer base and dealership work and are busy.

Website design By BotEap.comLocal car wash and cleaning establishments are doing well in New Hampshire, not all of them are breaking speed records, but all of them are making money off of what we saw. What type of business would you like to establish in NH? There is growth and room to grow for most any type of small business.

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