Website design By BotEap.comEvery holiday season, there are always loads of new products and new entertainment releases just in time to take advantage of the giveaway season. Despite a lackluster US economy, 2007 promises to be a strong year for consumer spending during the holiday season. This is what is fashionable, or what will be fashionable, this Christmas 2007:

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Website design By BotEap.comBooks always sell very well during the holidays, although they are often not bought specifically as gifts, but rather as a gift for us to enjoy during the winter holidays. This year’s most popular books include Oprah’s book club selection, Love In The Time Of Cholera, the latest novels by Patricia Cornwell, Alice Sebold, Laurel K. Hamilton, John Grisham, Ken Follett, and Robert B. Parker. For kids, the Gossip Girl series and the latest from Nick Hornby seem to be selling well.

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Website design By BotEap.comFor toys, there is nothing more attractive than WebKinz, racking up a Beanie Baby as followers. Also look for the classics to be popular this season with names like Lego, Star Wars, Polly Pocket, Scooby Doo, and Care Bears selling their share.

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Website design By BotEap.comFor video games, top sellers will include Halo 3, Mass Effect, Super Mario Galaxy, Assassins Creed, Guitar Hero 3, Rock Band, Call Of Duty 4, Madden NFL 08, Brain Age 2, Tabula Rasa, The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom . Hourglass, Ratchet & Clank Future, Mario Party 8, Simcity Societies and Lego Star Wars II.

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Website design By BotEap.comFor this holiday season’s DVDs, the Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth series will be popular, as will Transformers, 300, Ratatouille, Shrek The Third, Spiderman 3, Oceans 13, Live Free Or Die Hard, and Pirates Of The Caribbean 3. Popular Los TV series sets include The Office, Lost, Heroes, and High School Musical 2. High-definition DVDs will also see stronger sales than last year.

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Website design By BotEap.comReleases from American Idol contestants abound with new releases from winners Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks looking to be hot sellers. Also look for the High School Musical 2 soundtrack to continue the strong sales for the holidays. In the field of rap, look for Jay-Z to get noticed. For holiday music, no one will beat Josh Groban, whose new holiday album Noel is already a bestseller, but will also be looking for the latest album from timeless holiday music favorites Mannheim Steamroller. In the rock category, legends will dominate with new releases from Neil Young, John Fogerty and Eric Clapton.

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Website design By BotEap.comIPods will continue to sell by the millions, especially with the new iPod Touch. Look for the iPod Touch and iPod Nano to appear under millions of trees this year. Surprisingly, laptops have continued to drop in price and will see strong sales as holiday gift items. Some laptops will be available again for Black Friday and after Christmas sales for less than $ 400 and even less.

Website design By BotEap.comRegardless of the gifts you choose, don’t forget the old adage, “It’s the thought that counts.”

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