Website design By BotEap.comSomehow, he found himself in a 90-minute high-pressure sales presentation on the “joys of ownership.” Do you think about the hotel prices that you won’t have to pay? Think of the resale value! Consider trading that Paris timeshare property for the vacation of your dreams. So, you asked a million questions and they were all answered the way you wanted. It seemed like a great way to have a vacation in store for you and your family for years to come. After about 3 hours, he went ahead with a purchased one; you and millions of others. That was a few years ago, and now I wish I had never heard the word “timeshare.” But there is a solution so you no longer have to worry about annual fees, property taxes, and the ever-looming “special appraisal.” Here are some reasons why you should consider letting us help you get out of that timeshare:

  1. Hidden Fees: They don’t tell you that with a timeshare comes an Interval International or RCI membership fee. These are the two great exchange companies that allow you to put your timeshare “up for sale” for exchange. They also don’t tell you that there is a “switch” fee of around $ 150. So add these fees to all the others, add in the decline in property value around the world, and you’re spending more than you would. in hotel rates. If you can’t afford to join these services, chances are you’re not even using your property, so you’ve just given someone else a good chunk of your money. Stop. Give them no more! Let us set you free!
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  3. The property you bought does not exchange well: It’s great to think that from time to time you can exchange your property for some “kewl” place like Aruba or Maui. But if your property has restrictions like “not available at Christmas” and is located in Park City, Utah, few, if any, people will want to go. Who goes to Park City in the summer? Maybe some die-hard mountain bikers, but they’re usually not the timeshare demographic! If this is happening to you, you are hooked on fees and taxes and lost exchange fees for something you can’t use. That is a disaster.
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  5. Your life has changed since you bought. Maybe when you originally bought, you had kids at home and the property was on a lake. This was great for a few years and you took some amazing photos of your wakeboard. But now, the kids are gone and you’re almost done with the lake. The economy is terrible and you can’t get even half of what you paid 10 years ago. Don’t pay the $ 2,000 special appraisal for that new roof on a property you never use. Let us help you get out of this financial rope.
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  7. The “network” of properties you can trade with is useless. Timeshare companies often have their own free network of properties. We have properties all over the world ”. “No exchange rate”. This sounds great, but you’re not smart enough to ask exactly where these properties are. It turns out (after you have bought) that there is only one property in “London”, it is reserved for the next century, and it is a 30 minute tube ride to get to London proper. Talk about bait and switch! Maybe you can reserve a week for your grandchildren!
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  9. “Getaway Time” – Once you buy, you realize that you really enjoy the property and want to visit more. The only way you can visit beyond the week you purchased is by purchasing “getaway time” rates that are available to owners and are usually quite reasonable. The problem is, the property doesn’t care about the owners, so it lists their vacancies on Hotwire or Trip Advisor for triple what they charge owners for “getaway time.” So you’re out of luck because somehow, the people who pay the best always come before the owners. Yes, they tell you in the sales pitch that “the property has privileges.” But it’s a lie. There are none except for the privilege of digging into your pockets and watching your gorgeous location sell to others for $ 350 a night!
Website design By BotEap.comMaybe your timeshare was fine for a few years, but now it’s just an albatross around your neck. Timeshare resolution can get you out of this timeshare terror.

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