How Does Constructive Dismissal Affect Contractual Obligations?

Website design By Website design By BotEap.comConstructive Dismissal Affect Contractual Obligations The term ‘constructive dismissal’ is used to describe a situation where an employer breaks an employment contract with an employee in a way that makes it impossible for them to carry out their work duties. The employer is required to make reasonable efforts to mitigate, […]

Women’s right to property in India

Website design By Website design By BotEap.comVarious legal reforms have been carried out since India’s independence, including the equal share of property for daughters. However, equal status remains illusory. The establishment of laws and the implementation in accordance with them is necessarily a lengthy process. The government, the legislature, the judiciary, the media and civil society […]

Transform your personality from confused to confident with hair transplant treatments

Website design By Website design By BotEap.comLet’s face the harsh reality: appearances rule the world. While this is up for debate and my readers may have a different point of view, the fact remains indomitable; beauty affects your intellect while personality influences your soul. When it comes to appearance and character, the need for beautiful hair […]