What to consider when renting off-campus at Leeds

“What factors do I need to consider when renting off-campus at Trinity Leeds University College? ① Area. Before renting an apartment, it is important to know the area you are renting in. A relatively clean and safe area is a good choice. It is also important to consider the people in the area, the health of the area, and the condition of the public facilities. You can check the crime and police information of the neighborhood according to the zip code when you decide the area you want to live in.

Of course, the location of the rented Leeds student accommodation takes into account the distance from the school, after all, it is not convenient if it is too far away. ②Visit the house. Here it is highly recommended to see the actual situation of the house you want to rent in person after you find the house you want. To avoid future disputes, this step is really essential. You can take pictures of the house to see if there are any problems with the facilities before you move in. ③ Rent. When it comes to rent, make sure to find out if the rent includes bills, which include utilities, gas, internet, etc.

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What to consider when renting off-campus at Leeds

What do I need to know about security deposits for off-campus rentals at Trinity Leeds University College? The security deposit is always a troublesome step when returning a rental student accommodation in Leeds. It is advisable to ask your landlord to place your deposit with a recognised deposit protection scheme within 30 days of handing it over to your landlord, and to provide you with a series number and a certificate of deposit to prove that your deposit has been At the end of the tenancy, you and the agent or landlord will fill in the information on the deposit protection scheme’s website and the deposit will be refunded to you from the third party you have signed once both parties have agreed.

How much is the Security Deposit for off-campus rentals at Trinity Leeds University College? In other words, you will need to pay three months’ rent, and the first month and the month before you leave will be automatically deducted as rent. In other words, you only pay two months’ rent in advance, but the landlord has the right to deduct the remaining month’s rent when you damage the facilities in the room, which is also called the security deposit.”

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