Affordable Student Accommodation in London: Where to Look

“London is one of the most popular destinations for students from all over the world. With its world-class universities, vibrant culture, and exciting nightlife, it’s no wonder that so many students choose to study in the UK’s capital city. However, finding affordable student accommodation in London can be a challenge. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best places to look for affordable student accommodation in London.

University Accommodation

Many universities in student accommodation London on campus or nearby. This can be a great option for students who want to be close to their classes and other university facilities. University accommodation can also be a good choice for international students who are new to the city and want to live in a safe and secure environment. However, university accommodation can be expensive, and availability may be limited, so it’s important to apply early.

Private Student Accommodation

Private student accommodation is another option for students in London. There are many private companies that offer purpose-built student accommodation in the city. These properties are often located close to universities and offer a range of facilities, such as gyms, study rooms, and communal areas. Private student accommodation can be more expensive than university accommodation, but it can also offer a higher standard of living.


Flatshares are a popular option for students in London who want to live in a more independent environment. A flatshare involves sharing a house or apartment with other students. This can be a great way to meet new people and make friends, as well as sharing the cost of rent and bills. Flatshares can be found on websites such as SpareRoom and Gumtree, and prices can vary depending on the location and size of the property.

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Homestays are another option for student accommodation in London. A homestay involves living with a local family in their home. This can be a great way to experience British culture and improve your English language skills. Homestays can also be a more affordable option than other types of accommodation, as meals may be included in the price. Homestays can be found on websites such as and Host Family Stay.

House Sitting

House sitting is a less common option for students in London, but it can be a great way to save money on accommodation. House sitting involves looking after someone’s home while they are away. This can involve tasks such as watering plants, feeding pets, and keeping the house clean and tidy. In exchange, the house sitter gets to live in the property rent-free. House sitting opportunities can be found on websites such as TrustedHousesitters and MindMyHouse.

In conclusion, there are many options for affordable student accommodation in London. Whether you choose to live in university accommodation, private student accommodation, a flatshare, a homestay, or through house sitting, there are plenty of choices available. It’s important to research your options carefully and apply early to secure the best accommodation for your needs and budget.”

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