What are the most popular wedding chapels in Las Vegas?

most popular wedding chapels in Las Vegas

Guilty pleasures and Las Vegas are synonymous, but Sin City isn’t all about shady business, fear & loathing, or motley neon signs. It’s also the place where thousands of hopeless romantics tie the knot each year.

The most popular las vegas wedding chapels offer ceremonies and receptions for every taste, budget and theme. From a simple sign-and-go option to an extravagant experience that includes cake, photography, live streaming and even a reception, these chapels cater to every couple’s dream. But which one is right for you?

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For a classic, traditional wedding with a little flair, look no further than Mon Bel Ami. Located in downtown Las Vegas, this gorgeous wedding chapel has five different venues that vary in size and style. Depending on the number of guests and your preferences, you can choose from their Victorian Chapel that seats 30; an intimate Magnolia Chapel that fits 20; the Casino Wedding Chapel that looks like a casino; or the outside gazebo.

What are the most popular wedding chapels in Las Vegas?

Mon Bel Ami is a family run business that has been around for years and has seen its share of celebrity nuptials. In fact, the famous drive-thru ceremony window is what made them so well known in the first place. They also offer an array of non-traditional ceremonies such as a pirate wedding, Elvis and Wayne Newton, Dracula’s Tomb, beach party and even intergalactic!

This unique venue is the most famous wedding chapel in Vegas and arguably the most famous wedding location in the entire world. It’s a jaw-dropping structure that’s as beautiful as it is intricate, and the staff will do anything to make your day special. They have a number of packages that include everything from a traditional wedding to a Camelot or intergalactic themed affair.

Although Bliss hasn’t been in business as long as some of the other wedding chapels on this list, they have a more modern feel and are able to accommodate more specific requests. It’s no wonder they’ve been the choice of celebrity couples including Kelly Ripa (All My Children, Live With Kelly and Ryan), Jenny Jones (The Jenny Jones Show), Leslie Nielsen (Airplane!, Naked Gun and Spy Hard) and Mickey Rooney (Pete’s Dragon, The Black Stallion and Hardy Family films).

This is a beautiful and tasteful chapel that’s perfect for those who want an elegant ceremony with lots of extras. Unlike some of the other wedding chapels in Las Vegas, this one offers something for everyone, from the basic renewal packages to the Bella Eleganza package with all the premium bells and whistles. Plus, they have the best-rated customer service in town. So you can rest assured that your big day will be as spectacular as you imagined.

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